Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer Never Wanted To Be An Actor
Jan 24 2022
HBO’s Euphoria showcased some amazing talent when it first premiered in 2019. And with season two currently airing, it’s only growing in popularity. Among all the hype around the show is the appreciation for one character, Jules Vaughn, played by the talented Hunter Schafer. And while we’ve seen her steal our hearts with her dynamic performance on the show, Hunter was creating a life for herself before she ever stepped foot on set. In fact, she had completely different career plans before her role in Euphoria came around.

Hunter has always been an artist for as long as she can remember. And she still is; you can see the doodles she creates on her Instagram. She even attended high school through an art program in North Carolina. When she graduated in 2017, she moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling and was all set to head to London take the next step in her career and study fashion design. But Hunter hit pause on that dream when the opportunity to star in a major network TV show came along.

It’s hard to believe, but Euphoria was Hunter’s first acting gig. Like… ever! In multiple interviews, she’s mentioned how she always had an interest in acting, but never fully pursued it. But when she was seeing posts floating around Instagram about auditions that called for a trans actress, she decided to go for it. And we’re glad that she did! We’d also be lying if we said that her close friendship with lead co-star Zendaya didn’t completely blow us away. Honestly, how perfect can they be?


0:00 INTRO

0:11 A Bit About Hunter

0:53 New York State of Mind

1:30 Dreams of Fashion Design

2:14 Audition Day

2:59 From Filming to Family

3:33 Hunter’s Acting Evolution

4:24 Life In The Spotlight

4:52 Hunter’s Influence on Jules

5:47 Euphoria’s Takeaway

6:18 Finding Herself During a Pandemic

7:00 Actress, Activist, Icon

7:36 Once An Artist, Always An Artist

8:05 Hunter, The Screenwriter

8:48 Hunter and Z

9:18 So What’s Next?

10:13 END

Written by: Shatece Haynes

Narrated by: LanessaVO

Edited by: Carolina Jimenez Franco

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