Tragic Details About Meat Loaf
Jan 26 2022
Despite reaching legendary status as a rock star, Meat Loaf's life was never easy. From the time he was a young child all the way up to his tragic passing in 2022, life had a way of keeping Meat Loaf in the oven. His iconic album "Bat Out Of Hell," far from turning him into a millionaire, actually made him so broke he had to declare bankruptcy – and that's just the start. He was frequently injured onstage, constantly battled health problems, and dealt with a range of social issues. Want to know more? Here are all the tragic details about Meat Loaf.

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An alcoholic father | 0:00

Bullied for his weight | 1:31

Losing his mother | 2:28

Brushes with death | 3:05

Serious health problems | 4:07

Frequently injured on stage | 4:57

Bankruptcy | 5:27

Devastated by Jim Steinman's death | 6:58

Social anxiety | 8:16

An emotional breakdown | 9:18

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