I Woke Up And My Body Was On Fire | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
May 13 2022
NANCY, 40, from California, was 19 years old when her ex set her on fire, changing her life forever. After splitting up, Nancy had agreed to meet her ex one last time. Nancy explained to Shake My Beauty that when they said goodbye to each other, her ex said: “I’ll see you on the other side.” Confused by what he meant, she went to bed. “Next thing I knew, I was on fire,” she explained. Suffering 35% burns to her face, neck, arms, upper chest and hands, Nancy was left wondering, “Why me?”. After spending nine months indoors, she finally felt able to leave the house, but still covered up in a bucket hat and trench coat. Eventually embracing her body, Nancy now refuses to hide her scars - she’s proud of them. She said: “He wants me to live a miserable life, but the best revenge is to live my best life."

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