How Meghan Markle Gets Along With Every Royal Family Member
May 14 2022
When "Suits" star Meghan Markle made the long walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, she joined one of Britain's oldest and most famous families. But while she got to live the princess dream that so many little girls have, that doesn't mean that the reality lived up to the fantasy. Not only are the pressures from the press a huge change for Meghan, she's also had to adjust to her new family members. Markle presents herself as a modern, progressive woman, while her in-laws have always lived lives steeped in wealth and centuries-old tradition. But how does she get on with each member individually? Here's how Meghan Markle gets along with every Royal family member.

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Prince William | 0:00

Kate Middleton | 1:14

Queen Elizabeth II | 2:01

Prince Philip | 2:58

Prince Charles | 4:00

Camilla Parker-Bowles | 4:42

Prince Andrew | 5:21

Princess Eugenie | 6:14

Princess Beatrice | 7:11

Princess Anne | 7:56

Zara Tindall | 8:51

Mike Tindall | 9:44

Sarah Ferguson | 10:11

Prince Edward and Sophie | 11:04

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