Christina Hall's Feud With Tarek El Moussa's New Wife Explained
May 14 2022
After a nine-year marriage to Tarek El Moussa, and a three-year marriage with Ant Anstead, Christina Hall remarried with new love Joshua Hall in 2022. But her past relationships are still coming back to haunt her through some public feuds.

Since their divorce in 2018, Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall have been co-parenting their children, Brayden and Taylor. Tarek has also since remarried, coupling up with new wife Heather Rae Young, and the three have been brought together by Brayden's recent hospitalization.

But those bonds seem to be fraying as photos have emerged of an apparent confrontation between Heather and Christina. What's breaking up this blended family? This is Christina Hall's feud with Tarek El Moussa's new wife explained.

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