The Shady Side Of Kathy Hilton
May 14 2022
While her reality star daughter might get more tabloid attention, Kathy Hilton has an interesting life story of her own. Nicknamed "Big Kathy," the elder Hilton has been very open about her drive to financial success, a goal she shared with her three daughters. If you've seen Paris Hilton sliving her best life and coming up with slang terms like "sliving," you can argue she definitively succeeded. As you might expect, you don't become incredibly wealthy without some involvement with the shady side of things, and Kathy Hilton is certainly no exception. This is the shady side of Kathy Hilton.

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Hotel dynasty drama | 0:00

Ditching the duties | 1:27

Destined for fame | 2:17

Hilton royalty | 3:18

Bad behavior | 4:04

Wild child | 4:44

Provo parent | 5:35

Keeping secrets | 6:35

Kathy vs. Kyle | 7:35

Always on brand | 8:51

Funding a legacy | 10:13

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