Rahki Does Yoga - Will It Go To Plan? | RAHKI'S WORLD
May 17 2022
FOR RAHKI G, juggling her life between being a mum, growing her business and hitting the gym can be a 24/7, non-stop grind. Rahki said: "It can get so overwhelming and so hectic trying to juggle between Power, being a mum, being an entrepreneur, trying to be able to work out and trying to actually still have a social life." Today, Rahki will earn some well-deserved rest as she goes on a wellness day, set up by her best friend Moody. To kick things off, Rahki and Moody will visit the Grateful Juice Bar to try out some 'health shots' that might not taste as nice as they sound. Following the juice cleanse, Rahki is up against another challenge - she and Moody will be joined by Mike and Amanda who will give them a beach yoga lesson. Rahki and Moody, who have never done yoga before, will need to face their fears and trust one another as they attempt some partner yoga poses. How well will they do?

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