The Gorgeous Transformation Of Emily Blunt
May 17 2022
Ever since Emily Blunt first catapulted onto screens in the early 2000s, she has been a big favorite of fans and critics alike. With a handful of iconic performances already under her belt, Blunt has become one of the most admired actresses of her generation.

After growing up in a middle-class home in a London borough, Blunt found herself on her way to becoming a professional actress while she was still a teenager. Curious to find out more about how she became the star we know and love today? Here is the gorgeous transformation of Emily Blunt.

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Posh middle-class upbringing | 0:00

Stuttering leads to acting | 0:53

Moving on to private school | 1:40

First professional job | 2:18

Skyrocketing to fame | 3:08

Emily and John | 4:11

Disillusionment | 4:57

Terrified of singing | 5:39

Overcoming more big fears | 6:27

Avoiding social media | 7:24

Producer Emily | 8:05

Relearning the importance of family | 8:49

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