Julianne Hough: Broadway Debut Edition | Day In The Life | Harper's BAZAAR
May 19 2022
Julianne Hough takes Harper's BAZAAR through a 'Day In The Life,' transforming from wet hair and no makeup to her Broadway Debut. Julianne has been a student of the theater, and she is letting us in on the preparation for this monumental moment in her career. Going with the mantra 'less is more,' Julianne's look is effortless and chic, and she even has a special guest join in her getting ready process. In this chapter, Julianne combines her personal life with her stage life- and is excited to share it with you. Watch along to see an inside look at the getting ready process, the emotions that come along with a Broadway debut, and prepping for the play. Heed Julianne’s warning, don't drink too much water before the show- because it's so funny you might just pee your pants.

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