Kylie Jenner's Red Carpet Evolution
May 23 2022
Kylie may have been shy on the red carpet at first, but she’s grown into her red-carpet confidence. Her style evolution shows her growth from teenager to adult mother-of-two. Her looks have been daring, elaborate and mostly couture, Kylie has learned what she likes and knows how to stick to it. But no matter the event Kylie keeps stepping it up!

Growing up in Lala land Kylie has grown up going to red carpet events, and the go-to styling tip for her then was to match with her sister Kendall. As Kylie and Kendall have grown up they haven’t geared too far away from their days of coordination. In fact, over the years they have often coordinated colour schemes or motifs on the red carpet together.

Coordinating wasn’t hard in Kylie’s early teenage red-carpet style, because she was often in white and black, though she has incorporated more colour, she still loves a good all-white fit.

It’s not just Kylie’s clothes that make her a style and beauty icon, but her hair. From blue ends to colourful wigs in varying lengths, Kylie hasn’t been afraid to experiment with her hair looks and has inspired many of her family members to join in the fun.

00: Intro

00:33 2003: Sisters Twinning

01:10 2012: Self-Styled Kylie

01:57 2013: Black, White and Grey Era

02:32 2014: Blue Hair Kylie

03:12 2015: Balmain x H&M

03:57 Confident Cut-outs

04:39 2016: Suited Up

05:16 Met Gala Debut

05:54 2017: Daring Image Maker

06:32 2018: Mom’s Met Night Out

07:11 2019: Dripping in Jewels

07:55 2021: Vintage Gaultier

08:29 2022: Off-White Bridal

09:11 All-white Latex

09:44 The Optical Illusion Dress

10:24 Outro

Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi

Narrated by: Corrina Roberts

Edited by: Ajay Danny

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