Our Daughter’s Transition Isn't For ‘Fame’ | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Jun 22 2022
PARENTS Anna and Jonathan have been criticised online for choosing to support their eight-year-old daughter's transition from male to female. The couple from Surrey, have four children including their daughter Edie, who decided to transition during the lockdown of the global pandemic. Edie was born Eduardo, but according to her mum Anna, has always been attracted to more stereotypical female items and toys. Anna Told Truly: "Ever since she could basically dress herself, she wanted to wear her older sister's clothes, or she wanted to wear dress-up dresses, which I completely embraced." During the UK's lockdown, Edie started wanting to wear girl's clothes outside of the house and by the time schools had reopened again, Edie decided she wanted to transition to a girl. Anna said: "We were apprehensive at the beginning that she wanted to wear the girl uniform. I was terrified but I remember when I picked her up from school that first day, I said how did it go wearing the dress? Edie replied, 'I forgot I was even wearing it'." With that, Anna and Jonathan fully supported their daughter and accepted Edie's next decision to change her name from Eduardo. Jonathan said: "With Edie's situation, because of my experience in life, I am now a non-binary person, I feel like I have an opportunity now to try and do what I wish someone had done for me." The couple added: "If Edie at 15 turned around to us and said I want to be Eduardo again we'd be like sure! But now you've shown the other three siblings that no matter who you are, your parents are gonna love you."

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