The Reactions Of These Celebs Caught Lying Are Priceless
Jun 23 2022
In a world where the rich and famous are people to be admired, there's nothing more appalling than finding out that a celebrity is actually a liar. It's one thing to tell a lie that's slowly been unraveled over time but it is another to be caught red-handed on camera. That moment of ultimate humiliation and discomfort is certainly something to watch.

As a result, such revelations not only affect that person's life, but our perception of who they really are. In addition to telling blatant lies, these public figures doubled down when confronted with the truth. The reactions of these celebs caught lying are priceless.

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Rachel Dolezal | 0:00

Tim Poe | 1:22

Sylvia Browne | 2:14

Prince Andrew | 3:16

Robert Durst | 4:31

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