How Camille Vasquez's BF Reacted To Johnny Depp Dating Rumors (Exclusive)
Jun 23 2022
Johnny Depp's defamation trial was watched by millions, but it was Depp's victorious attorney Camille Vasquez who became the standout star and has become one of Hollywood's top attorneys! Now, the woman behind the headlines is talking to Access Hollywood's Mario Lopez for an exclusive interview. Camille discussed her upbringing, a heartwarming encounter she had in court, and more. She also shared how her "wonderful and supportive" boyfriend wasn't fazed by rumors she and Johnny were dating, speculation she previously called out as "sexist." "[He] loves me and has met Johnny, [he] knows that I've worked for Johnny for four and a half years now … There was no issue there ever," she shared. See Camille's full interview on Wednesday's Access Daily, where she shares more about her family and her reaction to Amber Heard's recent interviews.

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