Every Time The Kardashians Tried To Be Regular People
Jun 23 2022
The Kar-Jenners are not a normal family–I think we can all agree on that– but despite this, the family has tried to do normal things with some attempts being more successful, or at least less cringe-worthy, than others. The cringiest, however, has to be Kris and Kylie Jenner’s normal day out in which the two went to a grocery store (something neither has done in years) and even went through a carwash with the same ecstatic wonder of a child at DisneyWorld. And let us not forget Kendall’s attempt at slicing a cucumber; turns out the young celeb is just not used to prepping her own food. We also can’t forget Kylie, Kendall, and Khloe dressing incognito for a Hollywood bus tour, prosthetics and all, to enjoy a paparazzi/stare-free day only to run into…the paparazzi. And while Pete Davidson may have brought Kim down to earth with pizza dates, we still think it’s a little awkward seeing her on casual shopping trips to Target. But whatever Kim does, we hope it doesn't give more out-of-touch business advice to the working women of America. One thing’s for sure though, we definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck behind a Kar-Jenner in line at Disneyland. Turns out they get to go straight to the front and have the whole ride to themselves. Being a normal person can be awkward at times but not as awkward as a Kar-Jenner trying being regular on for size.

00:21 Getting Groceries

01:35 Going through the car wash

02:21 Buying Stormi a School Bus

03:06 Kendall versus the Cucumber

03:41 Disneyland Womp Womp

04:30 Kim Going out For Pizza With Pete

05:15 A Stroll Through Target

05:49 Kim’s practical not-so-practical business advice

06:48 Kylie and Kendall Go Incognito

07:23 Kylie posts her Driver’s License Online

Written by: Lori Barkin

Narrated by: Lori Barkin

Edited by: Steven Sune

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