Samantha Boscarino Rates Griffin Johnson's Golf Skills!
Jun 23 2022
It is true of many social media stars that they have ambitions to break into the movie biz, and now, because of the streaming platform Creator+, that just got a whole lot easier, with influencers flocking to the platform in order to tell more fleshed out, longform stories. Case in point, 'Diamond in the Rough', which stars notable content creator and former Sway LA member Griffin Johnson, who gets to show off not only his acting skills but his golfing skills as well. Young Hollywood catches up with Griffin and his co-star Samantha Boscarino to find out more about their experience working on this project, including the whirlwind 17-day shooting schedule and what exactly was going on with Griffin's character's hair! They also tell us whether or not they would be friends with their characters IRL, plus we play a game of "Hole In One or Hazard?" to find out their true thoughts on their first impressions of each other, Griffin's dancing, kissing scenes, and more!

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