Celebs' Awkward Encounters With Their Celebrity Crushes Explained
Jul 02 2022
Celebrity crushes are one of those things that nearly everyone in the world has had. In decades past, magazines like “Tiger Beat” and “Bop” were filled with celeb photos that wound up on full display in teen bedrooms everywhere. Today, thanks to social media, getting up close and personal with your favorite star is easier than ever. But how many of us actually get to meet our celebrity crushes?

If you’re famous yourself, running into a famous former crush is pretty easy. But being a celebrity doesn’t mean the encounter will go smoothly. From admitting to embarrassing poster collections to literally running away, these are our favorite celebs' awkward encounters with their celebrity crushes, explained.

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Hugh Jackman | 0:00

Sophie Turner | 1:13

Nicole Kidman | 2:21

Cole Sprouse | 3:29

Pink | 4:29

Drake | 5:20

Emma Stone and Amy Adams | 6:20

Tiffany Haddish | 7:27

Jamie Dornan | 8:28

Keke Palmer | 9:30

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