Trolled Because My Girlfriend Is Trans | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Jul 03 2022
MATHILDA Hogberg is a transgender YouTuber and influencer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Her content focuses on what it’s like living as a trans woman in Sweden and she regularly explores some of the difficulties she faced in her transition. For the past six years she’s been in a relationship with Chris Blund, a cis gender male and the couple are engaged to be married. One of the problems Mathilda and Chris have faced is that they have been subject to hateful and transphobic comments from online trolls. Most of the comments attack Chris stating that Mathilda is not actually a woman and that he is 'gay' for being in a relationship with her. Along with these statements the couple also regularly get vitriolic judgement from commentators saying that their relationship is ‘unnatural’ and that Mathilda will never be a ‘real’ woman. Having previously appeared on Love Don’t Judge, Truly caught up with Mathilda and Chris to talk through some of the mean comments and DMs the couple have experienced. However, along with the hate there has been some positivity and love - Mathilda told Truly: “I do get comments from people telling me that I gave them the courage to tell their parents that they're trans.”

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