Tragic Details About Jodie Sweetin
Jul 03 2022
“Full House” was one of the most iconic shows of the ‘90s. For many kids, the Tanners were a family we looked up to — and a lot of the things they went through were similar to our own real-life experiences, minus a kitchen car crash or two. Jodie Sweetin played the often ignored middle daughter, Stephanie, but her real life looked nothing like the happy Tanner household.

Sweetin has been open about her past struggles, and she’s reached a better place. How did she get here? From childhood trauma to the loss of her TV dad, these are the most tragic details about Jodie Sweetin.

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Family story | 0:00

That's a wrap | 1:16

The fallout | 2:03

Addiction | 2:46

Failed marriage | 3:46

Lies | 4:48

Crossing the line | 6:01

Domestic drama | 6:54

Standing with survivors | 7:38

Mental health struggle | 8:44

Saying goodbye | 9:52

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