15 Things The Stranger Things Cast Spend Their Millions On
Jul 04 2022
Netflix’s Stranger Things is bigger than ever and to match its popularity is the stars' paychecks. This video is looking at all the outrageous and sometimes reasonable expenditures these tweens are spending in style. From Private planes, to guitar collections, Beauty lines, specialty shoes, and outlandish vacations these kids are living large. Would you spend your money on every single videogame Nintendo Switch makes? Take a look at this list, compare, contrast, judge and fantasize.

00:00 Intro

00:23 Puppy Love

01:14 Millie Bobby Brown’s Wheels and Deals

01:38 The Hair’s Got it

02:17 Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

02:56 I’m With The Band

03:49 Traveling in Style

04:09 Game Boys

04:48 Millie’s Business

05:07 Shoe Heaven

05:49 PJs for the Kiddies

06:07 Kiddies that are Foodies

07:05 Sadie Sinks Model Past

07:28 Hoop Dreams

07:28 Broadway Dreams

07:46 Noah Schnapp’s Sustainable Spread

08:11 Outro

Written by: Alessandra Vite

Narrated by: LanessaVO

Edited by: Steven Sune

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