The Untold Truth Of Tina Turner
Jul 05 2022
Rock ’n’ roll would not be what it is today without Tina Turner. The singer got her start in the industry in the late ‘50s as part of her former husband Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm. Together, the pair released a number of hits throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, but it wasn’t until Tina released her 1984 solo album “Private Dancer” that the world truly saw her for the incredible talent she is.

Turner has had a huge career, and one that’s spanned decades. But it hasn’t always been easy. From a very big name change to living it up in Switzerland, this is the untold truth of Tina Turner.

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"Little Ann" | 0:00

Attempted suicide | 1:04

Conversion to Buddhism | 2:11

Navigating through album failures | 2:58

Moves like Jagger | 3:52

"The wrong movie for me" | 4:46

"A soul has met" | 5:38

The Tina Turner Musical | 6:29

A World Record holder | 7:20

Navigating health issues | 8:02

Cause for celebration | 8:55

Deserving even more | 9:48

Painful memories | 10:43

Losing a son | 11:32

Two-time hall of famer | 12:25

Selling her song catalog | 13:14

Million dollar legs | 14:19

Life in Switzerland | 15:10

A little too similar | 15:49

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