I'm 30, He's 60 - Now We're Having A Baby | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Jul 05 2022
Mindy, 30, and her husband Larry, 60, have established a huge following online documenting their age-gap relationship. In 2020, the couple began exploring their options to have a baby, made more difficult as Larry had already had a vasectomy. It hasn't been an easy journey for the couple to conceive and after rounds of failed IVF, the couple had almost given up hope until Mindy finally fell pregnant in December 2021. When they shared the news on social media, the announcement led to a tidal wave of backlash, with people accusing the couple of "being selfish" for having a baby because of Larry's age. Despite the criticism, Mindy and Larry say they are excited to welcome their first child and have plans to try for a second one. Mindy said: "We have plans to go back and try again for a second baby, and just raise our family."

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