The Masked Singer Contestants That Have Been Arrested
Jul 06 2022
Nothing brightens up a public image like an old-fashioned family-friendly show. For a show that’s all about keeping up with appearances, “The Masked Singer” has become quite the hit. It stands out from other typical singing competitions by being like charades, but with celebrities.

When you think about it, it makes sense that celebrities who also stand out in more ways than one may want to sign onto the family-friendly show. They may need a boost to their careers after drunk driving behind a Vespa, or maybe even being found with possession of drugs.

No matter their real life riff, some celebrities hopped onto the wild stage of “The Masked Singer” to show off their singing voices in front of an always stunned crowed. So who are the celebrities who’ve made questionable decisions in their past? Let’s take a look at “The Masked Singer” contestants that have been arrested!

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Johnny Rotten | 0:00

Vivica A. Fox | 1:10

Donnie Wahlberg | 2:02

Nick Carter | 3:22

Taylor Dayne and Mickey Rourke | 4:29

Busta Rhymes | 5:38

Dionne Warwick | 6:45

Lil Wayne | 7:38

T-Pain | 8:59

Tommy Chong | 10:14

Faith Evans | 11:29

Bow Wow | 12:44

Tyga | 13:58

Mama June | 14:56

Wiz Khalifa | 16:14

Bobby Brown | 17:30

Danny Trejo | 18:41

Kelly Osbourne | 19:57

Antonio Brown | 21:06

Omarion | 21:59

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