Famous Actors Who Started Out As Athletes
Jul 06 2022
It seems like almost everyone in Hollywood is a multi-hyphenate these days. Crossover between different entertainment fields has increased, but that is nothing new, and neither is the overlap between athletics and Hollywood. Good athletes are able to work long hours, take direction and critique, which are all key skills for actors too.

While not all athletes are gifted in acting, a fair number have been able to hit it big on-screen. For some, the change has been slow, while others have achieved a perfect balance between athletics and acting. Here are some famous actors who started out as athletes.

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Terry Crews | 0:00

Jason Lee | 1:24

Kurt Russell | 2:21

Wyatt Russell | 3:22

John Cena | 4:30

Jason Statham | 5:31

Tony Danza | 6:42

Dave Bautista | 7:37

John David Washington | 8:44

Dwayne Johnson | 9:56

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