10 Strict Rules Gigi and Zayn's Daughter Must Follow
Jul 08 2022
Every parent has their unique parenting style. But when it comes to celebrity parents, the style is definitely unique… maybe even intense. Now, what happens when you mix a reality show heir turned supermodel and boy band turned pop star icon together and make a baby? You get some real strict rules that little one is going to have to live up to. Find out all the hot gos of how Gigi raises her daughter. Rules such as not needing a nanny, the importance of family, the importance of heritage, the unimportance of makeup and living life on the farm. Fans of Gigi and Zayn can discover through following The Things Celebrity if they’ll ever see a paparazzi pic of little Khai, and is Gigi the kind of parent that will have an Instagram account just for baby or will she shield her little one’s face from public eyes at all costs? And if you’re wondering what's been going on between Gigi, Zayn and Yolanda since the incident occured, legality is for sure involved but find out in this video how Zayn is doing his best to make it work. Will the on again off again paramours ever get back together?Or is co-parenting the only way these two could ever make it possibly work? This video gives the deets on whether or not Gigi and Zayn will get to their happily ever after, or should the split stand as is. Follow and like all the ways Gigi and Zayn are making parenting work… despite the drama that doesn’t seem to stop following them.


0:00 Intro

00:24 Co-parenting sure ain’t easy

01:25 MIA Grandparents

02:21 No modeling allowed

03:01 Gigi and Khai at the Farm, Baby

03:35 Ixnay of the Ocialsay

04:03 Knowing her roots

04:37 No Makeup Allowed

05:10 Nothing’s more important than Family

06:17 Nannies not apply

06:57 Khai’s a smarty pants

07:40 Outro

Written by: Alessandra Vite

Narrated by: LanessaVO

Edited by: Steven Sune

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