Their Family Wants Them to Move Back Home
Aug 04 2022
Brenda and her husband, Andy, say they’re desperately worried about Brenda’s daughter, Autumn, who is living off the grid somewhere in the desert in Arizona, without housing, money or a job. They say they believe Autumn has been brainwashed by her spiritual husband, Mark, to make some very unsafe decisions. But, Autumn disagrees and says she and Mark are in love, and they’ll always follow each other because their "ship is going in the same direction." Autumn’s younger sister, Kaitlyn, says she’s even thought about driving out to Arizona and trying to force her sister to move back home to live with their family in Wisconsin. Dr. Phil talks with the entire family about how to encourage positive change for Autumn and Mark, and offers real possibilities for them to seek the careers they claim are their dream jobs working on a ranch with animals. (20105)

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