How My Mum Helped My OnlyFans Career | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Aug 06 2022
SOFIA, 33, from Vancouver, recently hit the headlines after her mum used her life savings to pay for Sofia's boob surgery in order to help her OnlyFans career. Sofia is an incredibly successful online model and adult performer, who makes up to and above $50,000 per month with the help, love and support of her mum Samantha. Sofia's childhood, although loved, wasn't always easy and she remembers just how difficult it was growing up. She told Truly: "We grew up quite poor, sometimes we had to go to the foodbank and if my parents lost their jobs it was a big deal, growing up was difficult." Sofia looked like her life was heading down the traditional route; marriage, kids, white picket fence... But one day she decided she wanted something different, so quit her job, changed her life and started her online career. Despite some early success, Sofia's adult career took a hit when she got sick with pancreatitis which had a physical impact on her boobs. Sofia's mum Samantha, said: "I paid for my daughter's boob job because she was complaining about when she lost a lot of weight her boobs dropped and her confidence was waning." With her confidence back to 100%, Sofia's OnlyFans' success grew and grew with the help of her mum until she reached the dizzying heights of where she is today. Sofia added: "I'm doing things for my mum and my dad that their parents were never able to do for them, it's changed my life where I can take care of myself and the people that I love."

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