“17 and Extra Mean: Help My Pot-Smoking, School-Skipping Teen!”
Aug 10 2022
Christy says her 17-year-old son, Cameron, is mean, disrespectful, and has been physically and verbally abusive toward her. She says the last straw was when Cameron refused to take an at-home drug test and blew up at her, leading to Cameron living with Christy’s mother, Mary, for the last year. Mary says that although Cameron calls her mean names, refuses to do chores, and continues to smoke marijuana, her relationship with her grandson is close, and she will never give up on him. Christy says all Mary is doing is enabling Cameron’s bad behavior, and she is worried that once he turns 18, he’ll end up in jail or dead. Can Dr. Phil get through to Cameron? Plus, Cameron speaks to Andrew, a former Dr. Phil guest, who says he turned his life around after meeting with Dr. Phil and sees parallels between his life and Cameron’s. (20124)

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