What It's Like Being Kim Kardashian's Nanny
Aug 11 2022
Nannying for someone as rich and famous as Kim Kardashian may seem like a glamorous dream job, but, actually, it’s serious business. Lots of rules and lots of pressure! So what is life really like for Kim’s nannies?

To say that Kim has high expectations would be a massive understatement. Nannies aren’t allowed to question the star or her 20-page manual of rules and guidelines. Nannies must be on call 24/7, and hopefully, they want to work for the family for years. Kim likes to hire people who are totally committed and in it for the long haul. After an intense audition process, Kim makes nannies sign an NDA. They have to promise not to take pictures on the job, wear any jewelry, or share family secrets. Also, if you’re actually there to get on reality TV, think again. Kim won’t let you appear on the show. You’re there to take care of her kids, not to get famous. Kim expects nannies to be perfect, punctual, hard-working, adaptable, neat, and detail-oriented. It’s an intense job!


0:00 INTRO

00:18 It’s A Long Term Commitment

01:21 The Audition

01:36 No Reality Show Appearances

02:11 Totally Confidential

02:35 Salary

03:07 Be Flawless

03:48 Don’t Question Kim

04:19 Be Fashionable, But Not Too Hot!

04:59 No Photos!

05:33 No Jewelry

06:03 The Perks

06:31 Don’t Get Too Close To The Family

06:52 100% Commitment And Flexibility

07:28 Working Vacations

07:51 Must Love Cleaning

8:18 Outro

Written by: Emily R

Narrated by: LanessaVO

Edited by: Steven Sune

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