I Have Uncombable Hair Syndrome | BORN DIFFERENT
Aug 12 2022
SHILAH Madison Calvert - Yin is 12 years old from Doreen, Melbourne. Shilah was diagnosed with Uncombable Hair Syndrome or ‘Spun Glass Hair’ when she was four years old. Until this point her mum was at a loss with how to manage Shilah’’s hair, which is thick, frizzy and matted at the root. Her hair can’t grow past a certain length, otherwise it breaks. It is hard to manage and damage occurs frequently. Shilah has received unwanted attention her whole life because of her unique look; judgment has come from other children at school and people on social media who have accused Shilah’s mum of being neglectful. Shilah and her mum now want to raise awareness of the genetic condition and use social media as a platform to celebrate why being different is beautiful.

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