We're Feared Because We’re A Family Of Witches | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Aug 13 2022
MIHEALA Minca is considered the most powerful and famous witch in Europe - she’s met many celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger. She isn't afraid of black magic and has cursed a few people including Donald Trump. She has raised a family of witches who are all born magical. They say: “Our magic isn’t learnt from a school or book, it comes naturally and travels from generation to generation." Today, she gives us a tour of her home and shows us some of her most powerful possessions including her altar, tarot cards and voodoo dolls. They say the hardest ritual for them is when they treat someone who is possessed by the devil. They're also planning to cast a spell for us. Miheala wants to make it clear that she is the real deal - even though she says there are many fake witches who pretend to be her.

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