She Feels Closer to Her Belongings Than People
Aug 16 2022
Despite having 3,000 bottles of shampoo, 30,000 shirts, 5,000 cookbooks, and boxes on top of boxes of things, Kristen says she doesn’t think she is a hoarder. But Kristen claims her “collection of things” has created a problem. She just bought a new house and after already moving in 600 boxes, she says she's completely running out of room, and there is a whole lot more to pack. From buying unclaimed storage containers to dumpster diving, Kristen says she cannot give up an opportunity to collect something that’s a good deal. But is there more to Kristen’s collecting than meets the eye? Find out the shocking reason Kristen says it is hard for her to part with her belongings. Plus, meet Kristen’s friends who say they are concerned that her “hoarding” is keeping their friend isolated. (20130)

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