I'm Obsessed With Rihanna - So I've Become Her | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
Aug 16 2022
33-YEAR-OLD Rose Cohen is a Rihanna doppelgänger. Originally from Brazil and living in Spain, Rose has an incredible resemblance to the superstar and loves impersonating her. However, being an impersonator isn’t just a job for Rose; as a massive fan of Rihanna, Rose sees it as a way of honouring the singer. Friends suggested that she could be a Rihanna impersonator but Rose didn’t believe she could do something like that and didn’t think she could dance. It wasn’t until an agency reached out to her, that this idea became a reality. Rose has now been impersonating Rihanna for over 10 years and tours around the world paying homage to the singer. Rose told Truly: “At the moment, my biggest dream and focus, as any fan, is to reach Rihanna."

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