Inside Linda Evangelista's Handbag | British Vogue
Aug 25 2022
Supermodel Linda Evangelista still uses the Birkin bag she selected in an Hermès boutique back in 1985. “I really liked this one, it was on a top, top shelf, and it had dust on it, and they advised me not to take this because they said it was démodé, and I wore it every single day,” British Vogue’s September 2022 cover star recalls in this episode of In The Bag. As for what she keeps inside of it? Everything but the kitchen sink. “I’m prepared for doomsday at home, and if I’m out and about,” she quips. From the Erasa SPF she loves so much that she sleeps in it to the Tiffany & Co. keychain she got following the birth of her son Augustin, discover all of Linda Evangelista’s carry-everywhere essentials, here.

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