Sexual Abuse Survivors in Islamic Boarding Schools
Sep 23 2022
Sexual assault cases have been dominating Indonesian headlines, including incidents at Islamic boarding schools, otherwise known as pesantren. In 2021, 19% of reported sexual assault cases took place in Islamic boarding schools, making it the second most common location for sexual violence, after universities. The persistence of sexual abuse within schools has prompted massive public outcry and calls for better oversight. In April 2022, Indonesia’s parliament finally passed an anti-sexual violence bill, a long-awaited legal framework aimed at providing sexual abuse victims justice and protection. The final draft of the law includes prison terms of up to 12 years for crimes of physical sexual abuse, 15 years for sexual exploitation, 9 years for forced marriage, which includes child marriage, and 4 years for circulating non-consensual sexual content. VICE World News spoke to a survivor of sexual assault to find out what more needs to be done to protect and support victims of sexual violence within the Islamic school setting.

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