My Friends Want To Date My 'Hot' Mom | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Sep 24 2022
TATIANA, 18, and Pandora, 47, from Dorking, UK, are a mother and daughter duo who shot to online fame after being mistaken for sisters. Tatiana was the mastermind behind the two of them starting to make TikToks together; one video of them both singing to a popular pop song received over 700,000 views and people couldn't seem to believe they were mother and daughter. Tatiana and Pandora received comments such as: "Which one is the mum?", "omg you're twins" and "this is why I need a kid young". However, not all of the comments were positive... Pandora told Truly: "The comments that I don't like are when people say: 'You're just trying to be young when you're not'. I'm not trying to be young, I'm just being myself and doing something with my daughter." Tatiana has also had some online trolls commenting on her body type and has even been accused of photoshopping herself due to her slim figure. Despite the negative comments the pair have received, they love making TikToks together and have no plans to be stopping anytime soon.

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