We're Not 'Mother & Son' - We're In Love | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Sep 28 2022
RACHEL, who’s 48, fell in love with Alex who’s 25. Their relationship really hit the public eye when they posted a TikTok titled ‘Tips for dating a cougar’. The video's views took off and they received pushback from lots of people online. But it wasn’t just judgement online; soon it was parents at Rachel’s school who were judging her along with her own son who’s nearly the same age as Alex. People in public often mistake Rachel and Alex for mother and son. When Rachel first saw Alex on a dating app she was intrigued, when she found out how young he was she said it put her off but her feelings were hard to ignore. Today Rachel is going to speak to her son about the reservations he had about her relationship. "When I first found out I was obviously upset" he says, but he’s beginning to accept Alex more now.

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