She Explains Why She Says Quiet Quitters Aren’t Dependable Employees
Sep 29 2022
Refusing to answer an email or call after working hours, not doing a work assignment you felt wasn’t in your job description, and insisting that if your employer wants you to go above and beyond, they need to pay you for it. Does that sound ridiculous? Quiet quitting, the idea that employees only do what is in their job description, between the hours they were hired to do it, and nothing more has become more than a viral social media hashtag; it has become a movement by employees of all ages. Dr. Phil speaks with an employment and labor attorney who says quiet quitting makes perfect sense, because if employers want employees to work extra, then they need to pay them extra. Then, hear from a young man who says he is currently quiet quitting. Why does he say he won’t put in extra effort without being paid for it? Plus, business owners say quiet quitters are just a bunch of slackers, undependable employees hiding behind a cute hashtag to make lazy sound better. And, Dr. Phil takes viewers behind the scenes of the new show, So Help Me Todd, starring Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden and the star of pitch perfect, Skylar Aston. (21032)

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