Inside Harry Styles' Many Million Dollar Mansions
Sep 29 2022
With new music, a world tour, blockbuster hits, and a fashion sense to rival any runway queen, Harry Styles is on top of the world. So, why shouldn’t he live in the most gorgeous mansions?

Harry has come a long way since his early childhood days living in a small village in Cheshire. You won’t believe what it’s like to live inside Harry Styles’ million-dollar homes. From tennis courts and private libraries to pools and three-story historic buildings, Harry’s homes have everything a young hot celeb could want. Especially the mansion that actually got nicknamed “Harry’s Bar” thanks to the many elaborate parties he threw there for his bandmates, girlfriends, and mates.

Which of Harry’s incredible homes would you love to live in? Since this star likes to hop back and forth across the pond, are you surprised to learn he has mansions in both the UK and the US?


0:00 Intro

00:24 Hampstead Heath Mansion

01:04 New York City Apartment

02:02 Beverly Hills Abode

02:54 California Bachelor Pad

03:38 Londo Mansion 2.0

04:21 The London trifecta

05:13 London Rental

06:02 Tour Bus Days

06:36 LA Love Nest

07:39 Harry’s House

08:06 Outro

Written by: Lori N.

Narrated by: LanessaVO

Edited by: Fabián T.

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