My Daughter Transitioned At 6 Years Old | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Oct 01 2022
THE mother of a transgender daughter refuses to let internet trolls get in the way of her affirming and supporting her child with love. Eight-year-old Ella, of Ontario, Canada, transitioned when she was six years old and felt ‘happy’ when she became Ella. She said: “I just felt more me.” Her mum, Nikki, has supported her child through her transition and started an Instagram page to create a space for parents of transgender children. Unfortunately, this led to nasty comments and messages including ones calling her a ‘groomer’. But Nikki won’t let this judgement push her out of the space where she’s needed. Today, Nikki has organised a party for the family to celebrate Ella’s gender. Nikki told Truly: “It’s her superpower, she’s loud and proud and trans is just beautiful to her.”

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