I Survived A Plane Crash With 45% Burns | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
Oct 04 2022
TULSI, Vagjiani, 43, was just 10 years old when she was involved in a plane crash which took her parents and brother. Suffering with 45 per cent burns to her body, doctors didn't think that Tulsi would survive, but she proved them wrong. Over the years, Tulsi has endured bullying because of the way she looks. She told Truly: "I've experienced so many negative comments, the name calling was relentless. I've often had things thrown at me to see if I was human." Conscious of her scars, Tulsi used to cover up in long-sleeved clothes to hide how she looks, but over time her confidence and courage has grown - and she now shares her journey to help others. She says: "I absolutely love my scars and I've learned to accept them. My body has been through a lot and it's still standing here, it's still beautiful and still functioning. Why wouldn't I want to celebrate that?"

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