Victoria and Greg Tell All | The Viall Files w/ Nick Viall
Nov 30 2022
Welcome back to The Viall Files: Freestyle Edition! Today we are joined by Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo to get the latest on their relationship and to address all the questions and drama around the Bachelor In Paradise Reunion, Victoria and Johnny’s breakup, and Greg’s “rekindling” with Victoria. We get into Greg and Victoria’s friendship before Paradise, the unraveling after the engagement, getting only the half-truth on big questions, and watching Gabby’s relationship with Johnny unfold after leaving the beach. We dig deep and talk about the wine glass being thrown, taking accountability, not admitting to saying hateful things, and how their relationship was toxic for one another. We also talk about what happened at Natalie’s infamous birthday party, Victoria shutting down Tyler at the reunion, and clearing the air on the timeline itself. We also get into why Greg and Victoria went to Rome, when they started dating, and how this relationship feels really different from the past. We then welcome our Texting Office Hours caller, who is struggling with her boyfriend acting out of insecurity and going through her phone, trying to find things to blame her for. 

“There were no questions about me wanting to support her.” 

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