Ferrari Classiche Connection - classic 250 California Passo Corto meets Portofino M
Jan 26 2023
One of the highlights of 2022 was Ferrari’s 75th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Petrolicious partnered with Ferrari North America to profile six significant cars from its history and their modern analogues. You can see these short Classiche Connection films on Ferrari NA’s Instagram profile @ferrariusa.

With so many great stories we wanted to share a few of them here on Petrolicious, too.

The second of these films features Peter Kalikow and his 250 California Passo Corto. A long-time Ferrari collector, Peter recalls how he acquired his SWB 250, and how the Ferrari Classiche program, which helps collectors verify their cars’ provenance, helped him clarify the car’s history.

Considering the 2022 Portofino M alongside his exquisite classic, Peter sums up his appreciation for Ferrari’s Classiche program by stressing the importance of the company protecting its past to secure its future.

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