Yus Gz on Surviving 2 Shootings, Lil Tjay Beef, Edot’s Death & More
Feb 06 2023
Yus Gz talks about his immense rise, his incident, some of his beefs, Ice Spice, calls Asian Doll an industry plant and more.


00:00 Intro

0:08 Flakko states that Yus Gz is the actual "Face of the Bronx"

1:10 Yus speaks on his upbringing, says he was a young reckless kid and how he linked up with Sha Gz

3:30 Yus being 1st generation born in the US and being sent back to Africa for acting out

6:30 Yus on being influenced by Kay Flock

8:00 Yus on why he doesn't wear his glasses anymore

9:15 Yus reacts to Lil Tjay dissing him and saying 

11:20 Yus on how the beef with Kay Flock started, going live the night he got booked and says "he messes up his career up"

13:40 Flakko asks Yus if Kay Flock being away gave the opportunity for other artists in the Bronx to shine

15:20 Yus on how he felt when he opened his phone and seen that Cardi B did a song with the opps

17:50 Yus speaks on a woman on his live calling him broke, says that "girls will say anything now"

22:00 Yus talks being too high profile to just be walking around the Bronx 

25:10 Yus speaks on his take on Edot Baby's passing

28:40 Yus on how his beef with Edot Baby started, shuts down rumors of him getting hit in his posterior

32:30 Yus speaks on Nas Blixky getting shot and says he wasn't trying to make fun of him

34:10 Yus speaks on dissing the guys that made "Notti Bop"

36:00 Yus on Ice Spice going viral after posting her, and reacts to Drake flying her out

38:30 Adam asks Yus if he's a munch and Yus says he was an Ice Spice fiend

40:10 Yus on dropping "Dougie Bop", reacts to Blockwork snitching and says Tekashi 6ix9ine was trying to be a tough rat

43:40 Yus reacts to Real Boston Richey snitching and says he doesn't listen to him anymore after he snitched

45:05 Yus says he would turn down a feature from Gunna and says "I Don't Wunna"

46:00 Yus speaks on having problems with Lil Mabu and says if he sees him he's going to rock him

47:55 Yus says you'll see Spider Cuh in any club in New York

48:30 Yus reacts to Matty B faking his passing and calls him the biggest troll in the world

51:00 Yus says he would never date a rapper, calls Asian Doll an industry plant 

53:00 Yus calls Scottie2Hottie the queen of the Bronx





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