Inside the Red Sea Mission
May 28 2023
Using the cutting-edge exploration and research vessel, the OceanXplorer as a base, top marine scientists from around the world converge upon the Red Sea, searching for clues to address the escalating climate crisis. Employing subs, divers, and remotely operated vehicles, researchers visit depths approaching 10,000 feet to extract secrets from one of the most unspoiled marine ecosystems on Earth.

Featuring (in alphabetical order): Baleegh Abukaboos, Omar Ibrahim Abunayyan, Jackie Alva, Manuel Aranda, Suzanne Bahr, Richard Barden, Ross Davison-Harmer, Olaf Dieckhoff, Natalie Dunn, Mike Fox, Larissa Fruhe, Kate Von Krusenstiern, Dave Lochridge, Gordy Mabey, Toby Mitchell, Ben Neel, Sam Nuttmann, Andy Orwin, Eleonora Re, Mattie Rodrigue, Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, and Roger Solem.

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