The Reality Of Military Life Inside An Air Base | Warzone E8 | Our Stories
May 24 2023
Explore the reality of military life inside an Afghanistan air base in this extraordinary programme. The documentary takes you to a purpose-built military town on the outskirts of Kandahar, where 14,000 men and women live amidst the world's most dangerous Warzone. The Kandahar airbase, a key facility run by the British on behalf of NATO, houses an 800-strong presence of the Royal Air Force, the most technologically advanced of all the forces. The film showcases the challenges of maintaining a base in the middle of a desert, where luxuries are scarce. This insightful documentary was first broadcast in 2009. Welcome to Our Stories, a platform for inspiring human stories that provide an insight into real people and real lives. Our range of documentaries and reality programmes offer an inside look into the everyday lives of people, exploring what life is like for those working in various fields.

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