Tasha K on Being Sued by Cardi B, Wack100 Beef, Chrisean vs Blueface & More
Sep 23 2023
Adam goes in depth with Tasha K about her upbringing, family life, being a top gossip Youtuber, Cardi B, Wack100, and more!


00:00 Intro

3:30 Tasha was not allowed to go mingle with white folks partying in her area when she was younger, she was sheltered, MTV spring break

4:20 Tasha was m__ when she was 5 years old by her uncle

7:20 It stopped when she told her aunt, and her aunt put everything in motion

16:24 Tasha is not a Brian Pumper fan

16:45 Tasha was in high school when she had a real boyfriend who cheated on her with a 30 y/o

18:05 Tasha explains the ranks of the kind of military men she used to get wild with

19:40 Military dudes tryna marry you and get you pregnant to have more money and more benefits

25:00 Tasha says black men are the kings that's why they have big d, case in point Jason Luv

27:09 Tasha realized her passion for content when she moved to Maryland, she covered for someone who was sick at a radio station and never looked back 

30:25 She worked for several radio stations, hoping she would get her own show, the same people who never hired her now report on her or use her reports

32:00 Before Youtube, she went viral on FB first with her first video, the next day she got 2M views, kinda got scared and deleted it

37:10 Tasha K did her first live show earlier this year, people flew from all over 

40:29 Tasha says the red pill scene is taking it too far with women not being able to vote 

42:00 After all these years of marriage, she might be Ok with her husband having another wife44:15 Adam says Lena might have eluded to the same thing not too long ago, saying he's allowed to get w a "dancer"

54:35 Tasha says Adam could have lost Lena after her scene, says women are more emotional and need a connection to f someone

55:55 Tasha says "You let that n***a....F your wife..... in the a**!!" Adam: Noooooo 

1:02:38 Tasha says her TI and Tiny story went viral, Tasha says you should never respond to a lie

1:05:30 Tasha says she and Adam should have a reality show 

1:05:57 Adam was actually hurt by Joe Budden getting revenge on the Amazon's Amp show just because Adam won the debate on his own show

1:09:01 Tasha confirms that Joe Budden pod team doesn't do research or come prepared

1:11:57 Adam and Tasha remember Gucci calling Angela Yee a b and her cohost not defending her

1:12:30 Tasha K says F Gucci, says she knows his disabled child that he's not acknowledging 

1:14:10 Tasha wants for women to make better choices, being a rapper baby mama is not a flex

1:14:45 Tasha says Future loves white women + But respects Nick Cannon for being honest with all the women he has kids with 

1:16:40 Nick Cannon forgetting his kids' names

1:17:09 Adam asks if she had an initial issue with Cardi B or if it grew over time

1:18:01 Tasha says she's been talking about Cardi the same way she's been reporting on anyone else

1:19:11 Tasha did an interview with Cardi's former friend, so Cardi didn't like it, Cardi kept responding and asked Tasha to take it down 

1:20:28 Tasha didn't think much of it when Cardi was threatening to sue her while she was pregnant at the time

1:21:20 Tasha hired the worst lawyers so that's also why she lost 

1:22:40 Tasha says Cardi's team pulled a video of her ranting because of what was going on behind the scenes, so that didn't help 

1:35:10 Wack said he slept with Tasha K, explains why Wack lies about her

1:36:50 Tasha says congrats Clubhouse for deleting him

1:39:33 Tasha says Chrisean Rock is a train wreck

1:41:43 Blueface using his baby mama to make money as well

1:45:46 Kevin Samuels and Tasha was real good friends and she goes the F OFF on Pearly Things! 

1:47:49 Tasha says FreshnFit message come from being rejected by women in the past now they have clout they get revenge and that's where their hatred comes from 





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