Relish In The Power of TV: The Transformation of Everyday Lives! | TV Made Me Do It | Only Human
Nov 18 2023
Step into the captivating world of 'TV Made Me Do It,' a compelling documentary series that unveils the profound impact television has on those who watch it. Whether you embrace it or not, television has the power to transform us into gun-toting survivalists, beauty queens, reality TV sensations, private eyes, forensic experts, and roller derby stars. Discover how TV influences our lifestyles, from our homes to our choice of cars. Each episode takes you on a journey through the lives of individuals just like you, who've been touched by TV in extraordinary ways. Through a delightful mix of iconic TV clips, personal narratives, and expert insights, 'TV Made Me Do It' delves deep into the television's mesmerizing effect on people – just like you.

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