Susan Boyle's good-natured humour that won the hearts of many | 60 Minutes Australia
Nov 20 2023
In this 2010 story, Susan Boyle took 60 Minutes around her Scottish town to show how much has changed (and hasn't changed) in her life since she hit the peak of reality TV fame.

*Synopsis | Living the Dream (2010)*

It's a fairytale for the YouTube generation. The dowdy, Scottish spinster with a nightingale voice who found fame and fortune through reality television. Susan Boyle really did become an overnight sensation when she auditioned for that TV talent quest. While she still lives in the same pokey house in the same dreary town, her life has changed in almost every other way. The ugly duckling hasn't quite turned into a beautiful swan but she has picked up a stylist and a quite delightful sense of humour. And having heard her story, Susan Boyle deserves her happily ever after.

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