Dan Levy Reveals His Biggest Pet Peeve About His Dad Eugene Levy | WWHL
Jan 10 2024
Emmy award-winning actor Dan Levy has shared some personal insights in a recent interview. He revealed that arrogance is his biggest pet peeve and he is also bothered by his father, Eugene Levy's, particularity about food. In terms of relationships, Levy admitted that he finds excessive talking a turn-off and prefers to date people who are not aware of his celebrity status. He also mentioned that he has never been in a relationship with a fan. Actress Busy Philipps, who was also part of the conversation, shared that she has experienced dates pretending to be unaware of her fame. The interview was part of the 'Watch What Happens: Live' show, a late-night talk show on Bravo that features guests from various fields including entertainment, politics, and pop culture. The show is hosted by Andy Cohen and has had a variety of celebrity guests in the past.

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