Polyamorous Relationships and Plastic Surgery: Embracing Love and Self-Expression
Jan 17 2024
MAZAYAH and Stephanie have been married for seven years, but their relationship took a turn in 2016 when they decided to explore polyamory. Mazayah began dating Rose, but soon realized that being monogamous in both relationships wasn't fulfilling for him. In a twist of fate, he introduced Rose to Stephanie, and the three of them entered into a polyamorous relationship. This unconventional arrangement has now lasted for five years, and they have recently welcomed a fourth person, Dezaray, into their lives. Despite facing criticism from the outside world, the trio remains strong and resilient. They proudly refer to themselves as 'sister wives' and divide their time with Mazayah equally. However, they are now considering a more drastic step to further express their love and commitment to their husband: plastic surgery to achieve his ideal body shape.

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